Lee Anderson
has always been quick witted and creative. Her unique view of the world is reflected in what she likes to call, "her vessels." Her emphasis on the eyes have become a focal point in the composition of each piece. Lee's distinctive style has become easily recognizable as she is sought out by decorators and appreciators of originality.
ton Beach, Florida in 2012 to get away from the harsh winters in Kansas and to be closer to her sister, Kim. That's when the fun started.

Kim Scheft
has loved art since she was a small child. Her fantasy was to live in a space filled with a variety of art projects all going on at the same time and all in different stages of completion.
  Now in her 60's, she lives her fantasy and loves life more than ever. She experiments with abstracts, textures and color to create unique and original bowls and vases.She lives in Boca Raton, Florida with her German Shepard, Becky.

Every weekend Kim and her sister, Lee, get together and "do art." That's when all the fun starts.

Lee and Kim founded Artz N Endz in 2015 and it's taken off from the very start. They share a mutual love and joy for being together and creating. Their combined energy is palpable.

You can find their original pieces on their website at: ArtzNEndz.com and at art shows and festivals throughout South Florida.

Contact us:
Lee 904-568-4079
Kim 561-289-1287